Social Accountability Standard
Maris Spinners has adopted the Social Accountability Standard (SA8000:2008), an International work place-quality standard based on the concept of social accountability.  Its major objective is to ensure application of ethical practices in hiring, treatment of employees and, production of goods and services.
Unit 1 of Maris Spinners has been certified for SA 8000:2008 in October 2010. The company believes in fair business practices and had moved from an exclusive business focus, to becoming a socially responsible business entity. It is an organization that works towards improving the living conditions of its workmen,  and also aims to serve the society with the following activities:
 •   Sponsoring Eye care camps with the local Rotary Club.
 •   Providing and maintaining street lights for the villages nearby.
 •   Regularly participating in Polio eradication drives with the local government hospital.
 •   Distributing study materials to the students in the local orphanage every year.
 •   Adopting rain water harvesting for ground water recharge.
 •   Sponsoring sports and other social activities in the local area.